Richard Sloat
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Performance Pieces by Richard Sloat

"Washington Money Talk"
A political satire

"Taking the Tea Party Republican Tax Pledge"
A political satire


The Federation of Modern Painters and Sculptors
A group formed in 1940, when the term "Modern" had real weight.

National Academy
The oldest artist organization in the U.S.

New York Society of Etchers
An artist-run printmaker organization formed in 1998.

Society of American Graphic Artists (SAGA)
An artist-printmaker society established in 1915.

Art Galleries

ebo Gallery
Contemporary fine art & original prints

OAC Gallery
OAC sells original, curated art. Shop by medium, style, price, size and color.

The Old Print Shop
A fine selection of American prints, 17th-Century to Contemporary.


Su-Li Hung

Ben Sloat

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