Richard Sloat
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About "Mythic City & Friends"

"Mythic City & Friends", a catalogue illustrating 35 of his woodcuts, was published by Richard Sloat in 1991. Follows the artist's introductory statement to the catalogue:

      "There are those among us for whom life is an adventure, an exploration, a journey into the unknown. Such an adventure can involve physical space as in mountain climbing, traveling, or facing new experiences. For some the adventure is more an inward journey. A journey of ideas into little explored regions of the human consciousness. Such are these prints of "Mythic City & Friends". Psychic journeys down those "less traveled roads" of the inner city. Yet what is this mythic city? Myth is a story concerning how the world is put together. Myth is not necessarily true or false but beyond the known in areas where contradiction and paradox are the norm. Both the belief in a supreme being and the belief there is no supreme being, theism and atheism, are mythic. Both are true, both are false, both are neither true nor false, both are unprovable yet can be known. "Mythic City" is the story of the city as energy, as aliveness, as consciousness. This city like the human body transcends the sum of its parts. One cannot state with exactitude the nature of this aliveness. We must thus deal with symbol derived intuitively. These visual thoughts are signs pointing inward and outward towards the depths of being. Information to contemplate that we might leap across the paradoxes of existence to knowledge of the city and of ourselves.

Richard Sloat

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